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About us

Our company was founded in 1992. We specialize on production and sale of men' s and women's clothes that meet high requirements of quality, function and innovation in agreement with up-to-date fashion trends. We have gained a big amount of customers and our trademark Veltex JG has spread not only all over the Czech Republic but also abroad. We have been setting up our own shops with men's and women's clothes.  In 1999 was founded our first retail store in Karlovy Vary. Progressively it produced more selling units with women's and men's clothing.


The main company seat is in Velehrad. There is our wholesale store and a shop in Velehrad.

We specialize in excessive clothing.

Since 2004 we have been the exclusive importer of women´s and men´s jackets of an Italian company OPD. 

Our company regularly participates in international fashion fair Styl in Brno, where we present our collection twice a year.